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What does SeoImage do ?
SeoImage provides information about websites which use your image. Use the labels to get an idea of the alt attribute that most closely matches your image.
Who is it for ?
Marketers, photographs, SEO, ... that want to know where their content goes—who uses, duplicates, or shares it.
Analyze your images to identify similarities with other images on the Internet. We can find the image itself but also suggest similarities.
Logo - Soon
Detect popular logos that may be contained in the image. You can then quickly adapt your content, make references to it or even discover certain products.
Moderate your images by analyzing inappropriate content. This can allow you to adapt it to your target audience. It may be a violent image or it may be reserved for adults.
Colors - Soon
Recover the dominant colors and get the proportion of it. Adjust the results to your graphic load to avoid overflows.
Emotions - Soon
Analyze emotions if we detect faces. Know how to quickly adapt content to a person's joy or sadness. Ask to upload only images with a minimum emotional score of your choice.